Product Review: MiraCurl by BaByliss Pro

Price Range: $240 – $250

Who Would Buy The MiraCurl: Those looking to get their hands on the worlds first, fully automatic curling machine that will curl their hair in less than half the time.

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babyliss_miracurlPerfect Curls Every Time

The purpose of the BaByliss MiraCurl is to provide the perfect curl every time and in less time. By adjusting the heat, time and curl direction settings, you’ll get the hairstyle you want and of course the best part is, you’ll get it in less than half the time.


  • Fast & Effortless: It really is amazing how much faster and easier I can curl hair with the MiraCurl. And by faster I mean a total curling time of 15 min or so per client. It saves me time, which makes me more money, everyday. On top of that, my wrist doesn’t hurt at the end of the day like it does with my other curling irons. As a professional hair stylist, I have a lot of money invested in my hair styling tools, but next to my shears, this has to be the best investment I’ve made. 
  • Infinite Possibilities: By controlling the temperature (up to 450°), time and curl direction settings, I’ve pulled off just about every type of curl style there is. So the MiraCurl actually replaces at least three of my other curling irons. They say the secret is the “nano titanium curl chamber” that holds the hair while heating it from all angles then signaling you when it’s time to release the curl. It actually adds body to the hair as it curls it, so it comes out looking healthier than it did going in. It really doesn’t get any easier than this either:

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  • No Burns and No Band-aids: This is one of those things that every hair stylist, and practically every woman alive, has experienced more than once… the curling iron burn. I have to say, one of the perks of using Miracurl is not having to worry about those nasty burns anymore. I know I’m a lot happier… and so are my clients :-)


None so far, but I’ll keep you posted

MiraCurl Demo

Quick Tip: To get the best, and fastest results, your sections should be 2 – 2 1/2 inches wide or so. If you try curling too much hair at a time, the safety feature will release your hair and you’ll have to start that section over again.


2 Year Limited Warranty

Value for the money?

The MiraCurl is a great product for fast and flawless curls. I’m truly impressed with this little machine and recommend it to everyone. This is one of the best new hair styling tools to come out in my 10 years as a hair stylist. Buy one and I guarantee you’ll thank me later.

Where to buy:

Amazon.com is the best place to buy the BaByliss Pro MiraCurl. They have the best price of course, but their customer service is fantastic.

BaByliss U Styler

Product Review: BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium U Styler (1 inch)

Price Range: $100 – $150

Who Would Buy The U Styler: Those looking for a flat iron with the nano titanium technology and U-Style plates that will give them the hair styles not possible with typical straight irons.

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BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium U Styler 1The “U” In The U Styler

The purpose of the BaByliss 1 inch U Styler is to straighten curly/wavy hair, and add curls and volume to straight hair. The “U” feature uses a temperature range of up to 450° and features the infamous U shaped titanium ceramic plates. These 1 inch plates are great for both long and short hair, and with a flip of the wrist you’ll get the perfect spirals, candlesticks and more.


This BaByliss flat iron was an upgrade from my Chi, and I have to say, it is lighter and easier on my wrist. This straightener makes beautiful spirals and has been able to transform my hair to get exactly the look I want. I have never used an iron that adds so much volume, which is a God send for thin hair like mine.

The heat comes on quick so no waiting and the U Styler is said to perform 40% faster at max heat. I can attest to this because the total time it takes me to straighten my hair has been cut nearly in half, and it looks and feels healthier from not being fried so long.

The adjustable heat is a real plus for doing my daughters hair and I highly recommend a straightener with this feature to all hair stylist. I have to adjust the heat for a lot of my older clients and I haven’t found a better or more accurate tool than this one.

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BaByliss U Styler

I found the nano titanium plates to be exceptional at getting great curls. The side plates are very convenient for giving a nice, full body curl, and unlike similar side heat irons, it doesn’t snag any hair in the process.


None so far, but I’ll keep you updated

Quick Note: I believe a good heat protectant is essential when using straightening/curling irons to protect hair from being over-heated and drying out. I think too many hair-styling tools aren’t promoting this proper hair treatment. Nexxus Heat Protexx is a product I trust and Amazon.com sells a good sized bottle for a reasonable price.

Guarantee: BaByliss Has A Two Year Limited Warranty

Value for the money?

The BaByliss Pro U Styler is without a doubt great value for the money. This is a professional quality hair straightener for salon or home use. It’s comfortable, fast, and after a year of use, I can say more than durable. I recommend this product to all my stylists and clients.

Where to buy:

Amazon.com is the best place to buy the BaByliss U Styler. They have the best price of course, but no one can beat their customer service.

Miracurl – Why You Should Own One

My MiricurlIf you do hair for others professionally, at home or you just want to save time by getting a great curl the first time, then you must get a Miracurl. I have bought curling irons for years that make bold promises of curling hair and they literally fell flat in the heat department. I mean how can you curl hair with a device that doesn’t heat up enough to shape your hair and hold it? If the heat isn’t right the curl will fall out quickly. The Miracurl is different. It is wonderful. Not only does it heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, but it has instant heat-up and recovery. It even lets you know with a signal that it is time to release the curl – a feature that will protect your hair from unnecessary overheating.

With the proper amount of heat, you can get any type of curl you need or want. It makes soft curls, loose waves and defined curls that will amaze. Miracurl gives you a great curl every time. You can use it on children’s hair also. That should help some mothers out there that spend hours a week fixing their daughter’s hair as well as their own. I have two sisters-in-law that are hairdressers and they highly recommend the Miracurl. They work really hard and the faster and better they can do hair the more money they can make.

More about saving time, with Miracurl’s precision, you will save/shorten the amount of time it takes doing your own hair. This translates to not holding my arms out and over my head for long periods of time. That just isn’t a comfortable task for anyone. I have heard that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is not to be winked at. Therefore, saving time translates to comfort. Make a perfect curl the first time and at the same time you can control the curl direction. With other curling irons you are constantly twisting your wrists to change the direction. Not with the Miracurl, it does it for you. There are many other great reasons to use the Miracurl. I wanted to hit on the three that came to my mind first. Get the Miracurl. You will be glad you did.

Nano Titanium By BaByliss Pro

While researching the various Babyliss Hair Care Tools, I discovered a whole host of unique product lines each named for the advanced technology they contain.

Porcelain Ceramic

Babyliss has taken innovation to the next level by combining porcelain ceramic plates with ionic technology. This group of tools provides advantages to the heated surfaces by increasing heat distribution and far-infrared heat, which is a product of ion. Your hair benefits from this fast heat and looks healthy and shiny as a result.

Nano Titanium

Nano Titanium is a combination of design, performance and technology that makes for a set of tools that define the word – groundbreaking. Titanium is well known for its conductive properties, so paired with the Nano technology, (focused negative ions) the effects of the straighteners and dryers work faster and last longer… style with substance.

Nano Tools

Nano Tools are a creation of Nano tech, ceramic plates, and Japanese minerals, all combined with the Nano technology to deliver faster drying and styling. The hair also comes out looking healthy and shiny at the same time.

BaByliss Pro by Forfex

Forfex steps in here to offer products with a cutting edge. Clippers, trimmers, and specialized blades give these products a sharp look and a efficient edge. Check out the men’s facial hair trimmers and groomers for an example from Forfex.

BaByliss Pro TT (Tourmaline Series)

Tourmaline and ceramic fuse together here to promote smoothness and frizz combat like no other. Far-infrared heat is produced and releases natural ions that eliminate frizz. This technology in conjunction with the BaByliss’s ceramic technology creates a beautifully made tool that delivers time and time again.

Ceramic Tools

BaByliss Pro uses specialized plates that heat evenly and quickly, making it easy to style sexy curls and flirty crimps. They also reduce static and heat faster. Fabulous.

Who is BaByliss?

I wanted to write a little about BaByliss to help you understand what makes their products so special. I’ve been a stylist now for over 10 years at the same salon, and the other stylists and I trust the BaByliss name. We trust it because we have experienced, first hand, the exceptional results we get from their professional products.

BaByliss Pro 2000 Watt Ionic BlowDryer

BaByliss is the No.1 manufacturer of professional and personal hair care appliances, and has been for some time now. They offer some of the highest quality and most innovative hair styling appliances on the market today. They’re a company with a wide range of tools, from hairdryers to straighteners, and even more cosmetics and beauty appliances. All of their products are exciting to use because they feature the latest technology and are never put on the market without first being tested extensively.

They’re not just in the business of making products for women either, in case you didn’t know, BaByliss for Men is all about the guys. They have a line of products specifically designed for men like the popular clipper the “i-stubble+”, and the Super Clipper, which was recently featured in Men’s Health and declared to be “the best clipper I’ve ever used” by 8 out of 10 readers.

With their growing list of ground breaking products, like the Nano Titanium line of hair styling tools and their most innovative to date, the new MiraCurl, it’s no wonder why BaByliss is the industry leader in its field. I personally believe in this company and look forward to what they’ll be coming out with next.