Product Review: MiraCurl by BaByliss Pro

Price Range: $240 – $250

Who Would Buy The MiraCurl: Those looking to get their hands on the worlds first, fully automatic curling machine that will curl their hair in less than half the time.

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babyliss_miracurlPerfect Curls Every Time

The purpose of the BaByliss MiraCurl is to provide the perfect curl every time and in less time. By adjusting the heat, time and curl direction settings, you’ll get the hairstyle you want and of course the best part is, you’ll get it in less than half the time.


  • Fast & Effortless: It really is amazing how much faster and easier I can curl hair with the MiraCurl. And by faster I mean a total curling time of 15 min or so per client. It saves me time, which makes me more money, everyday. On top of that, my wrist doesn’t hurt at the end of the day like it does with my other curling irons. As a professional hair stylist, I have a lot of money invested in my hair styling tools, but next to my shears, this has to be the best investment I’ve made. 
  • Infinite Possibilities: By controlling the temperature (up to 450°), time and curl direction settings, I’ve pulled off just about every type of curl style there is. So the MiraCurl actually replaces at least three of my other curling irons. They say the secret is the “nano titanium curl chamber” that holds the hair while heating it from all angles then signaling you when it’s time to release the curl. It actually adds body to the hair as it curls it, so it comes out looking healthier than it did going in. It really doesn’t get any easier than this either:

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  • No Burns and No Band-aids: This is one of those things that every hair stylist, and practically every woman alive, has experienced more than once… the curling iron burn. I have to say, one of the perks of using Miracurl is not having to worry about those nasty burns anymore. I know I’m a lot happier… and so are my clients :-)


None so far, but I’ll keep you posted

MiraCurl Demo

Quick Tip: To get the best, and fastest results, your sections should be 2 – 2 1/2 inches wide or so. If you try curling too much hair at a time, the safety feature will release your hair and you’ll have to start that section over again.


2 Year Limited Warranty

Value for the money?

The MiraCurl is a great product for fast and flawless curls. I’m truly impressed with this little machine and recommend it to everyone. This is one of the best new hair styling tools to come out in my 10 years as a hair stylist. Buy one and I guarantee you’ll thank me later.

Where to buy:

Amazon.com is the best place to buy the BaByliss Pro MiraCurl. They have the best price of course, but their customer service is fantastic.

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